For Macintosh users everywhere, at last there's a way to improve document quality, slash administrative overhead, and boost productivity dramatically, thanks to MacSimplePrompter document automation software.

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I highly recommend that everyone check out this product! It works, and
it is dead easy to use. Every attorney should find this product
extremely useful.

Randy B. Singer, Publisher
MacAttorney Newsletter
I learned of this program through MILO (Macs In Law Offices) listserv. Recently, there was a thread for favorite mac app and I'll chime that MacSimplePrompter is mine. I just created a standard Motion for Bill of Particulars and now anytime I need one in the future I can generate it in 1/10 of the time! Amazing!

Morgan Hayes
My favorite Word add-on!

Diane Ross
[MacSimplePrompter is] a forms package that "regular" folks can use... This program took seconds to learn. I honestly canít fathom someone owning Word for Mac without having this program installed.

David L. Leon
I am about half way through converting my multitudinous WordPerfect templates to Word X templates. Two problems have kept me in WP for so long. The first problem was solved for me by a terrific program called MacSimplePrompter which has been mentioned favorably on this list before. My WP templates were just selected in WP, copied and pasted directly into a new Word document and saved as a template. Running MacSimplePrompter on newly opened documents from the Word templates fills in the blanks just as in WP.

MacLaw listserv

I was particularly pleased to learn that the same "variable" name located elsewhere in a document will be changed in all such locations the first time I answer a prompt. I already have converted a couple of my "boilerplate" documents so that I don't have to keep separate versions for male and female, plaintiff or defendant, etc.

Ken Clark

I am migrating to Word in OS-X from WordPerfect in OS-9 and this was just what I need. Could not fathom the process in Word. I have heard numerous good things about MacSimplePrompter from the MacLaw list serve. Glad to say they are all right - including the excellent support.

Esther Snowden

MacSimplePrompter for Word simplifies the creation of letters, contracts, forms, and other standard documents on a Macintosh. For users migrating from WordPerfect to Word, MacSimplePrompter eases the transition. It creates form documents with prompts and repeating text in the same easy manner in Word as in WordPerfect. Any place you have bracketed text, MacSimplePrompter will place a prompt, asking you to enter in the information. Once you do that, it will replace all similar prompts with that information.

This could be a real boon to anyone migrating from WP to Word.

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