DataPrompter Awarded Five-Star Rating!

"Several close friends encouraged me to investigate DataPrompter. Each of these appraisers felt strongly that DataPrompter is a perfect fit for what we do every day. ... DataPrompter provides complete control over the design of the reporting process and offers appraisers the ability to build any number of integrated documents. The software is easy to learn and implement and sufficiently sophisticated for almost any reporting needs."
Cool Tools for Appraisers
R. Wayne Pugh, MAI
Past President, Appraisal Institute

DataPrompter Adds Easy Automation
to Word Document Creation, Editing.

"New version introduces multi-page data entry wizards, ability to customize documents with data from other documents and from databases and spreadsheets, plus faster performance. Automating a document is simple. DataPrompter displays a dialog box, and then DataPrompter inserts data into the document where needed." - Enterprise Systems Journal

DataPrompter is very intuitive and easy to use ...
a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to save time and keystrokes.

"I have trained attorneys and their staff to use DataPrompter to create five different pleadings in under five minutes. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. DataPrompter works beautifully with the MS Office Suite and can create reports, proposals, sales letters, contracts, legal pleadings, Last Will and Testaments, etc., and it will automatically prompt you for any variables that change in your documents. This product is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to save time and keystrokes and do it all with the confidence that your data is updated consistently throughout your documents....I cannot say enough good things about this piece of software! It is very intuitive and easy to use." - Carol's Corner Office

DataPrompter Updated: Law Technology News

"DataPrompter gives users the option of creating new documents and updating existing documents. The program includes a default configuration based on input from a user base of more than 19,000 users. Users can also configure all aspects of the software, including the quantity and location of data imported from a database, and the ability to update multiple documents with the same data."
Law Technology News

Speed Up Document Creation with DataPrompter.

There’s no faster or easier way to make sure that data is updated consistently throughout a document, which is one reason the add-in has proved popular in business, law, sales, finance, real estate, and government offices.

Very, very handy!

"Another very, very handy piece of software I recommend is DataPrompter. A dialog box appears and you simply fill in the variables and voila -- your document appears with all the fields populated with your variables. I highly recommend this piece of software." - Contributor

DataPrompter ... the one add-in we rely on every single day.

"DataPrompter is easy to learn, easy to use, and a true time saver. We highly recommend it." - James Powell, Editor

DataPrompter ... A must-have Word tool.

A terrific Word add-in for assembling repetitive documents, either from boilerplate text or using a fill-in-the-blanks approach. A must-have Word tool.

DataPrompter: Easy to Use!

The primary advantage of this product over other document assembly systems is its ease of use....DataPrompter allows authors to design documents while users of other programs still are trying to figure out the manual.

DataPrompter: Law Technology News

DataPrompter helps users build a library of reusable items — text, graphics, tables and charts — so they can be available for immediate insertion into any Word document.

DataPrompter Enhances Word

DataPrompter [is] an off-the-shelf tool that enhances Word by automatically prompting people and updating documents.
Office 2007: The Missing Manual

DataPrompter Assembles Easily

It's time for even the most timid of offices to build their knowledge base of expertise right into their Word documents.

DataPrompter takes drudgery out of document assembly

"DataPrompter allows you to create your own fill-in-the-blank prompts. [The product's] low price will attract you and the low learning curve will surprise you. It won't be long before you find all sorts of documents you can streamline with DataPrompter." - James Powell

DataPrompter is terrific!

"It's a terrific way for you to create highly customized documents and templates."
Winning Clients in a Wired World, by Kip Gregory

DataPrompter and Boilerplate: I like what I see!

"I've had a chance to look at DataPrompter and Boilerplate, and I really like what I see. They let you, for example, churn out form letters or assemble contracts - anything with repetitive text - in record time." - Woody Leonhard

People raved about DataPrompter!

"Created by Word MVP Bill Coan, this product is wonderful. You don't need to labor over forms any longer. DataPrompter quickly and easily automates the entry of information--any information--into your documents." - Allen Wyatt

Slick document automation tool!

" sells the slick document automation tool DataPrompter that's worth checking out."