Assemble documents instantly and then update names, addresses, dates, and other data throughout your documents at the click of a button. Automate your documents like never before, with no programming!

Learn more about the powerful, easy-to-use features of DataPrompter 2023:

Get prompted where you want, when you want!

Get prompted for short amounts of text, addresses, dates, multiple paragraphs of text. Choose from single or multi-line textboxes, dropdown lists, multiselect lists, and checkboxes.

Gain instant access to re-usable boilerplate items

Store re-usable boilerplate items in an organized, multi-level directory structure for easy search and retrieval. Insert boilerplate items individually into existing documents or assemble multiple boilerplate items into new documents.

Convert existing documents to DataPrompter automatically.

Automatically replace key words, phrases, text fields, bracketed text, or unmarked words or phrases with automated DataPrompter DataFields.

Pull contact data from Outlook or other MAPI-compliant default contact list

Gain instant access to contact details and exercise complete control over data: Return full contact details or selected details only. Update contact data throughout entire documents automatically.

Set your data free, and never rekey data again!

Use Word's powerful formatting capabilities to create great-looking documents filled with data from external data sources. Import data from other DataPrompter documents or from databases and spreadsheets.

Roundtrip your data to Excel

Automatically generate DataField names and values in tab-delimited format for easy copy/paste to Excel. Import the same data to the same document or to any other document as needed.

Super-fast, multi-page, wizard-type DataPrompter dialog box

Organize your DataFields into groups and let DataPrompter automatically display each group on its own wizard-style page in the DataPrompter dialog box, complete with Back and Next buttons for flipping quickly through the pages. Entering data and upating your documents has never been easier.

Time-saving “MiniPrompter” for last-minute tweaks and final edits.

Discover a problem with your data just before deadline? Solve your problem in a hurry! Don't waste time scrolling through a list or tabbing through a set of values. Instead, simply click on the problem data, then use the new MiniPrompter like a pair of tweezers to instantly change just the data that needs to be changed. Life is good!

Automatic formatting of data

Enter dates, times, numeric values, and text in any format desired and let DataPrompter convert the data to the format you specify. For example, enter the date as 2023-7-7 and let DataPrompter automatically convert it to July 7, 2023 or to any other date format you choose. Completely flexible, so that you can enforce data formats within individual documents or across entire document sets, while preserving as much flexibility as you need.

Contextual help and built-in tutorial system

As you work, get help in each dialog box by clicking the Help button or tutorial link. If you've got a question, the answer is just a click away.

Compatible with Word 2010 through Word 2021 32-bit and 64-bit.

DataPrompter 2023 works with Word 2010 and later, all the way up to Word 2021 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Store document assembly lists in documents, databases, spreadsheets

DataPrompter lets you store your assembly lists in documents, databases, and spreadsheets.

Faster document assembly

Assembling boilerplate items into a new document is as easy as ever, but now you can edit your assembly lists faster than ever, with fewer clicks than before. Use Shift+Arrow keys to reorganize your assembly lists in seconds!

Twenty new options for controlling program operation

Twenty different options control every aspect of DataPrompting and Document Assembly operations, including the quantity and location of data imported from a database, the ability to update multiple documents with the same data, and the ability to scroll a document while getting prompted for data. Even the width of the DataPrompter dialog box itself can be adjusted if desired. Feedback from more than 19,000 users in 25 countries helped shape DataPrompter's built-in behaviors, but if you don't like a built-in behavor, change it.

Integrated Spellchecker

DataPrompter's integrated spellchecker lets you check your data entries before each update.

Easy-to-use conditional DataFields

Switch pronouns from one gender to another, switch the number and/or tense of verbs, show or hide text based on checkboxes or other DataFields. Turn phrases on or off automatically.

Format and content standards

Lock users out from editing your standardized documents but prompt them for specific data and update the documents without losing control of format and content.

Assembly Manager

The assembly manager lets you create, modify, and save lists of boilerplate items for instant assembly into new documents. Lists can be used in their original form or modified as needed before each new document is assembled. Items in a list can be added or deleted or moved up or down in the list as desired.

Intelligent DataField Management

Names of DataPrompter DataFields automatically increment when multiple copies of a boilerplate item are assembled into a new document. Automatic incrementing can be turned off on a DataField-by-DataField basis, if desired.

Intelligent Page Management

Portrait and landscape pages, columns, section breaks, and headers and footers are automatically managed. Users can override the automatic settings when desired.

Unlimited Reassembly

Reassemble a document at any time, as often as desired. Add, delete, or change the order of boilerplate items as needed.

No Content Limitations

Boilerplate items can include anything from individual words or graphics to hundreds of pages of formatted text, graphics, tables, or any other content of your choosing.

Ultimate Document Portability

DataPrompter documents are 100% standard Microsoft Word documents and can be viewed or edited by anyone with Microsoft Word. (NOTE: To assemble new documents and get prompted for data, a user must have a licensed copy of DataPrompter software installed.)

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