DataPrompter has helped thousands of users and organizations around the world to improve document quality, slash administrative overhead, and boost productivity dramatically. DataPrompter 2023 is the newest version of the program, offering powerful, flexible document assembly capabilities.

Find out what DataPrompter users are saying:

"With DataPrompter, I save at least an hour or more on every appraisal I do. This leaves me more time to do additional appraisals each year. Need to make a change in your report...this can be done in a few you can be sure all the changes were made based on the data fields you created. I can use my own templates and automate them, so my reports look the way I want them to look. Some of the other software programs don't give you that flexibility."

Linda Powers, MAI
The Powers Group
"DataPrompter is a Word add-on which means it automatically starts when you start Word. It has its own menu on the ribbon. It allows you to make incredibly intricate and complex templates and is linked to Excel as well. It prompts you to input your specific data. You make templates for each report type or report section. The templates have fields which can be linked to dropdowns, radio buttons, multiple choice, or excel cells. When you select your report sections and combine them into one report, it will input your information throughout the report. It allows you to build and write reports literally in a few minutes. It's well supported and without a doubt one of the most useful tools in my software arsenal."

Certified General Appraiser
"My co-workers and boss actually gave a round of applause after I showed them how easy it will be to draft our complex and long custom documents now, with DataPrompter. I have found it to be very user friendly and intuitive. It is easy enough for even non-technical folks to use. I believe it will save our Commercial Real Estate company hundreds of hours each year in the drafting of leases and related documents."

Director of Administration
Commercial Real Estate Investment and Brokerage Firm
"I learned of DataPrompter from a friend. I ve been touting your product to all who will listen. It is a great product very user friendly! I will keep spreading the word."

William D. Wright
Texarkana, TX
"My manager was so pleased with DataPrompter that he had me do a demo for other managers in the building, then my director liked the whole effort so much that he gave me a gift card to Applebees. It is working very well for us. Thanks again!"

Judy Harvey
Senior Technical Specialist
Contract Management
"I am telling appraisers about it all over the country. I think it will be a real help to our profession."

Leslie P. Sellers, MAI SRA
2010 President, Appraisal Institute
"DataPrompter is working great. It has been well received and simplified the process."

Dave Lakvold, MAI SRA
The Lakvold Group
"In two pastoral settings over the last 15 years, the greatest tool I ve found to save time and still personalize my correspondence is Dataprompter. And perhaps the most amazing of all is the ease with which this is accomplished. Dataprompter has become an essential part of my ministry through providing the ability to make each person feel the importance they have in my life and work."

Pastor Charlie Beekley
"We are saving an average of 6 man-hours time for every bid project we generate in Purchasing. That is an enormously significant amount of time for our school district! We were able to be up and running in one day, incorporating the DataPrompter into these 100+ page bid packages within just a few hours. Thanks so much for your great product and for your great customer service."

Carol Walker
Administrative Analyst
Business Services Division
Escondido Union School District
Escondido, CA 92027
"This great little utility (DataPrompter) has saved me weeks, if not months, of effort, over the last 6-7 years. It makes it a breeze to define data entry screens that pop up at the user s command and prompt the user to enter data, then populates the data as needed throughout a document. There s no hassling with forms....It works right within any Word document or template."

Bob Workman
"It is a pleasure to use Dataprompter. It is the best report writer I ve ever seen. You can t beat it. It is a great product."

Thomas A. Sewall
Montrose, PA
"If you ever need an endorsement for DataPrompter, we're glad to chime in. We use it daily on large and small documents and it's an incredible time saver."

David J. Clamage
Denver, Colorado
"My practice requires hundreds of different pleadings, notices, etc., that have to be completed. Your program allows me to set up easy templates that can be utilized by any secretary in the office thereby freeing valuable professional time. What took hours now takes minutes. I highly recommend this product. It is a great addition to any office."

Kenneth A. Welt
United States Bankruptcy Trustee
"My friends could not believe how easy it was for me to set up the lease forms/addendums on my computer. Now, within a few minutes the paperwork is accurately completed with all information filled in at the proper locations. No forgetting and/or missing fill-in data on a form! I previously used HotDocs to make quotes and automated forms, but there was a big learning curve and the cost was prohibitive. DataPrompter handles many of the same tasks with a fraction of the cost. I love this software...can you tell?! Feel free to post my comments or use me as a reference if that would be helpful."

Sue Pflueger
"Your software is great and I use it all the time I showed it to the IT guy that takes care of our computers and he said that he plans to show it to all of their law firm clients."

Burney Lightle, MAI
Lightle Appraisal Company
Searcy, Arkansas

"The document assembly features are good. I've spent the last 20 years training lawyers and their support staff, and document assembly is sorely needed in many legal practices. This is very exciting."

Harold B. Santos
Legal Technology Consultant

"DataPrompter will be the centerpiece of our new electronic patient records system, using its document assembly capability to manage patient notes, referral communications, informational and instructional handouts, etc. All of this is being accomplished at minimum cost and with virtually no learning curve on the part of the staff. We're expecting a substantial reduction in "pilot errors" and a huge productivity boost. Congratulations on another winner."

William M. Bickley
President, Chesapeake Consulting
"Very cool and slick. One of the fantastic things about your programs is that they are so easy to learn and use. It didn't take long to figure out many useful ideas for my business. We use a lot of boilerplate text, data, photographs, etc. Creating a boilerplate item with photographs from an existing appraisal report was one of the first things I tried, and it worked great."

Dave Phillips
Commercial & Residential Appraisers.
"Holy cow - we purchased your DataPrompter program yesterday for our Law Firm and you wouldn't believe the forms we've been able to create and streamline overnight, literally... thanks for making such a difficult task so simple! You really have no idea!"

Sheryl J. Brackney
"Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with the combination of DataPrompter and Boilerplate. They provide an easy way to develop and use templates. This improves the professional appearance of our product and reduces the chance of error. Our attorneys and paralegals can't say enough good things about the programs."

James Bailey
"We have hundreds of Contracts to process on a weekly basis: Leases, Renewals, Offers to Lease and Other Agreements. With DataPrompter we can now create and process more documents."

Jamie Gibson
Network Administrator
Iberville Developments Limited
"Thanks so much for this product. It is very sweet. I have just programmed a new letterhead template, for use with brand new logo for the organization (this is a newly merged organization that used to be 6 separate county-wide law firms)."

Anthony G. White
Manager of Information Technology
Bay Area Legal Aid
"We have been using your DataPrompter program like crazy. It is everything I thought it would be. I sing your praises to anybody that will listen. I really did not like to use Word at all until I got your program. As a government official, I am not allowed to publicly endorse any product."

Anonymous User
Undisclosed Municipal Government
Very large city in Texas
"We have used DataPrompter to assist us in creating client contracts and non-disclosure documents. Time savings: DP lets me change a number of fields of text in a document in seconds. Accuracy: I only have to enter information in one area and it automatically updates all places in the document where that text is needed, I don't have to check every single place in the document where a field needs to be changed. Definitely easy to use, very effective"

S.F. - Account Manager
Delphi database and client server consulting
"DataPrompter makes it much easier to program templates than do other document assembly systems."

KAC, Attorney
"I have several types of quotations that I have created and DataPrompter makes it quick and easy for our salesmen (who aren't the fastest typists) to use them. Once I create the template, all they have to do is fill in the blanks. It saves them time and keeps all of the quotations uniform.

Elizabeth Cole
"I have and I will continue to recommend Dataprompter to my friends and business associates."

Russ Mellnick,
Imaging Office Systems of IL
I just purchased [DataPrompter] today and tried it this afternoon.
I dreamed of such a software for so many years! Thanks a million
for such a great product that is so intuitive and easy to use!
[It's] going to save us hundreds of hours each year, that's for sure."

Pascal Proulx
President, Verbo Corporation
"What a dream! This is definitely even more useful than the old program - and the old program was invaluable to me."

Jackie Richmond
Wine Country Concierge